Beaphar is a family company, founded in 1942
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beaphar catcomfort voor stressvolle situaties gedragsproblemen katten

Beaphar CatComfort®

Unfortunately, cats can't tell when they're feeling anxious or stressed. Instead, your cat or kitten may express itself by displaying problem behaviors such as scratching furniture, meowing a lot, urinating in the house, fighting, etc.

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The best for your cat with Beaphar

Your cat deserves the best care, we understand that all too well at Beaphar. Your cat is not just a pet, but part of the family. Whether you need a product against parasites or are looking for advice to prevent unwanted scratching behavior, we are here for you!

Beaphar offers a wide range of products for your cat in the categories anti-parasite, health, food & snacks, behavior & training and hygiene & grooming. In addition, we are happy to help you and your cat with useful tips and advice.