Natural calming products

Just like us our pets can suffer from fear, nervousness, and anxiety. Stressful situation can result in problem behavior and unnecessary upset for your pet. To make sure your pets are as comfortable as possible during these stressful situations, we have developed an entire range to help keep your beloved friends calm. 

For some cats and dogs, even the sight of the pet carrier can be enough to send them into blind panic.
The thought of travelling in the car, or worse still, visiting the dreaded vet can be too much to bear for some of our furry friends. At certain times of the year, animals are presented with more frightening situations, such as fireworks, thunderstorms, and the presence of large numbers of unknown people in the home during the party season. The addition of a new family member, wheter it be human or animal, can also be a source of difficulty for existing pets in the household.

A troubled pet demonstrates their discomfort in a number of ways, some of which can also be distressing to the owner. Problem behavior, such as: vertical scratching and spraying in cats, and boisterous, destructive behavior in dogs can cause great anguish to the family.

Fortunately, Beaphar has developed a range of natural products to effectively help calm our pets, harnessing the immense power of nature for happier cats and dogs.


calming range beaphar 

The Calming range consists of products that have been developed with natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients include: Valerian, Melissa, Rosemary, Limetree Blossom and Hop Flowers. Many of these ingredients are used in human 'calming and relaxing' products, because they are known for their naturally calming effect on our moods. Because of the calming function of these ingredients on both human and animals, we have decided to develop an extensive range for our pets.

calming spot on for cats

Beaphar Calming Spot On for cats naturally and effectively calms and reduces problem behavior in cats of all breeds and ages. Containing valerian extract, a single application will calm your cat for up to one week. Each pack contains 3 applications. 

The Spot On helps alleviate problems such as vertical scratching on furniture, urine marking in the home, excessive meowing and boisterous behavior. It will also help your cat feel less apprehensive during stressful times such as visits to the vet or cattery, fireworks, thunderstorms, travelling in the car, or moving house.

Cat owner review: "I was amazed how well this work and has chilled my cat right out. I would definitely recommend it and you only need to apply it once a week!"

calming spot on dog




Beaphar Calming Spot On for dogs helps to reduce problem behavior and keeps your dog in a calm state of mind during stressful periods. The spot on can help alleviate problems such as excessive barking, destructive behavior and inappropriate marking. It will also help your dog feel less apprehensive during stressful times, such as visits to the vet or kennels, spending time along, fireworks, thunderstorms, travelling in the car, or moving house.

Dog owner review: "Amazing - the neurotic lurcher who is terrified of rain, wind, fireworks, anything he can hear but not see ... calmed down during a very nearby and prolonged firework display. Instead of hiding, panting and pacing, he just curled up and settled down. Remarkable! No other product has had any effect on him ... in nearly 11 years!"

Calming tablets  


Beaphar Calming Tablets are a completely natural way to help your cat or dog feel calmer and happier. Made from a soothing blend of natural plant extracts, including Rosemary, Lime tree blossom, Hop flowers & Melissa, these tablets promote a calming effect without causing drowsiness. 

The Calming Tablets can help alleviate nervousness and problem behavior arising from the following situations:

              • Visits to the vet
  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms and other noisy occassions
  • Travelling
  • Moving house
  • Visits to the kennels or cattery
  • New baby or pet
  • Spending time alone

This product can be used safely on all breeds and ages of cats and dogs.

calming treats for cats




Beaphar Calming Cat Treats are delicious, meaty-flavored treats, formulated with Valerian to reduce anxiety in cats during stressful times. Cats can be especially sensitive to chagnes in their environment, which can lead to problem behavior and health complications. Containing Valerian, Hop flowers and the herb Melissa, these natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals promote relaxation, relieve enxiety and restore calmness during stressful situations.

Calming Cat Treats can help alleviate nervousness and problem behavior arising form the following situations.

  • Vertical scratching
  • Urine/Scent marking
  • Excessive meowing
  • Visit to the vet or cattery
  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms
  • Travelling in car
  • Moving house

For best result, try several products to see which one of the above works best for your pet. Make sure to read the instructions before using the products on your pets. These products do not all work for the same length of time, so be sure to take this into account when preparing for a stressful situation.