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The Beaphar BIO cosmetics range

Containing a delicate blend of natural active ingredients from organic farming, each shampoo is carefully formulated to leave your dog or cat's skin perfectly hydrated and their coat glossy. Certified by ECOCERT® according to the ECOCERT® Ecopetcare Standard, and packed in recyclable tubes endorsed by the ‘I’m Green™’ scheme, Beaphar BIO Shampoos for Dogs and Cats ensure you care for your pet and

Take optimal care of your cat with Beaphar

Your cat deserves the best care. We are happy to help you, with our high quality Beaphar hygiene and grooming products. We have an extensive range of products for the care of your cat's skin and coat, as well as eye and ear care products. Your cat is well cared for from head to toe.

Does the litter box smell bad, or does your cat pee in the house sometimes? We have products for that too! View our extensive range of care products for cats.