Purrrrfect treats with a benefit

Just like us humans, our pets want (and deserve) a treat every now and then. Our Cat Bits are definitely on of our most beloved and innovative products. Many years ago, we were the first to develop and produce one kind of these delicious treats with a benefit. Now, we have over 10 different kinds of cat bits.

"Delicious treats that my cat loves"

Back in the day, there was a high demand for treats that would help cats with the ingested hairs from grooming themselves. As a solution to this problem, we came up with a treat that wasn't as unhealthy as other cat treats that were already on the market. And that's how the Malt Bits were born!

Soon after, we expanded our Cat Bits Range with other delicious flavors that cannot be resisted by our little furry friends! Each kind of Bits has its own benefit. Some include extra vitamins, while others include Glucosamine, which is known to support joints. Our Salmon bits combine the great taste of salmon with an anti-hairball paste.

"I love giving Vitamin Bits to my cat, because I know they give him the vitamins he needs!"