beaphar canicomfort voor stressvolle situaties gedragsproblemen honden

Beaphar CaniComfort®

Help your dog stay calm during stressful situations

Stress in adult dogs and puppies can be caused by new situations or events that trigger fear. Well known stressful situations are, for example, New Year's Eve (fear for fireworks), the car, vet visit, move houses and being alone (separation anxiety)

Unfortunately, dogs cannot tell us when they are feeling nervous or anxious. Instead, the dog expresses itself in ways that are often labeled as problem behavior, such as destroying furniture, barking, howling or peeing in the house.

Beaphar CaniComfort stress situations

How can Beaphar CaniComfort® help your dog?

Beaphar CaniComfort® products help create a calm, stress-free environment. The pheromone in the Beaphar CaniComfort® products is a copy of the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (mother pheromone). When a bitch nurses her puppies, this pheromone provides an instinctive reassuring message and helps the puppies feel safe and at ease. When puppies from the breeder go to a new owner, the pheromone can therefore help the puppy in new (exciting) situations such as moving to the new owner, socialization and training. The mother pheromone also has this comforting effect in adult dogs; it makes a dog feel more comfortable and relaxed, which can help reduce problem behavior.

Beaphar CaniComfort® is available as a: viffuserdog collarpuppy collarspot on and spray

Also available for cats: Beaphar CatComfort® and rabbits: Beaphar RabbitComfort

Frequently asked questions

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical compounds produced by the animal itself. These substances are instantly recognizable to animals of the same species. There are different types of pheromones. Each of these causes its own instinctive reaction in the animal. Pheromones are sensed through the air by the Jacobson's Organ which is located above the palate close to your dog's nose.

Which product can I use best for my dog?

The mother pheromone is present in all Beaphar CaniComfort products. However, one product may be more convenient than another due to the application or duration of action. With the evaporator you have the effect in the room where it hangs, with the spray from the treated object and with the spot on and collar the dog carries the pheromones continuously with him. This is useful, for example, for stress outdoors (while walking, etc.).

Does CaniComfort make my dog sleepy?

No, Beaphar CaniComfort will not make your dog sleepy. It is a copy of the mother pheromone and that puts your dog at ease without making them sleepy or drowsy. You also don't have to worry that your dog looks relaxed but is still stressed on the inside, that is certainly not the case with CaniComfort.

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