• CaniComfort® Calming Spray
CaniComfort® Calming Spray

CaniComfort® Calming Spray

Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Spray is ideal for stressful situations and for dogs with behavioral problems. The spray contains pheromones that make the dog feel at ease. Ideal for travel and veterinary visits. Works immediately.

  • Calming spray based on pheromones
  • Ideal for home use, travel and vet visits
  • In stressful situations and with behavioural problems


CaniComfort® Calming Spray is a simple and effective solution to help prevent unwanted behavior and calm dogs. Beaphar CaniComfort® contains a copy of the comforting pheromone of the dog, which has a calming effect on dogs. This pheromone is naturally produced by the bitch when she feeds her puppies and is critical to the bonding process. Using a copy of this pheromone in Beaphar CaniComfort® has a calming effect and lets both puppies and adult dogs know what a safe place is. Spray in the car or crate before traveling or on a favorite blanket to help prevent unwanted behavior. Ideal for the prevention of scratching, barking and (travel) anxiety (panting, shivering, restlessness). So very suitable for a vet visit or when the dog travels to its new home for the first time. Beaphar CaniComfort® calming spray is also very suitable for use at home: in the dog's bed, bed, leash, toys, etc. This helps the dog to feel at ease and prevent destruction.


Spray in a car or dog crate before travel or on a favourite blanket.


  • Ingredients: Isopropyl alchohol, Dog appeasing pheromone analogue


Contents 60 ml
SKU 17417
Barcode 8711231174171
Form Spray
Animal age All ages
Animal type Dog
Animal weight All weights
Active ingredient(s) Analoog van geruststellend feromoon van de hond 2%