My parakeet suffers from skin flakes on the legs and beak. What can I do about this?

Skin flakes on the legs and beak are caused by scabies mites. These mites live on the bird and feed on, among other things, skin tissue. They dig tunnels under the skin, causing wart-like growths and deformities. You often see this on the beak (with parakeets we also call this Scaly Face) but also on the legs (lime feet).

In the early stages you see a scaly skin, later on bumpy edges or 'pimples'. The mites can cause severe itching, which can result in feather plucking. In addition, the growths can cause breathing problems (nostrils close up) and they can cause the leg ring to pinch the leg.

Fortunately, scabies mites can be treated well. Is it about one bird then use Anti-Parasiet. If it concerns several brids we recommend to use Parasita, this comes in bottles with an easy to use pipet. When the legs and beak are also rubbed with Epithol- en wondzalf or Wondzalf they will recover faster (make sure you do not close the nose caps).

Although the symptoms can only be seen in one bird, all other birds should also be treated immediately. In addition, it is very important to thoroughly clean and disinfect the cage/aviary. Preferably several times a week when there is an infection. Also think of food and drinking bowls, toys and perches.