Food & snacks for your bird

Each bird species has specific needs and they also develop a preference for food through their own experiences, what they have learned from the parents and what they learn from their peers. In this blog we provide more information about Beaphar food and snacks for birds.


Birds in the wild have many different food sources such as nuts, berries, seeds, grains, fruits and sometimes even animal proteins. It is therefore important to provide a varied diet for birds that are kept as pets. “Misfeeding” can cause disrupted behavior.

Nutritional deficiency is a phenomenon in which the animal is deficient in certain nutrients. If a food is too one-sided, the bird will not absorb enough essential nutrients. For example, there can be a lot of sunflower seeds in a certain food. Because some birds like these very much, they will pick it out first, with the result that he does not absorb the rest of the food or takes them less. A correct balance between the different ingredients is therefore of great importance.


Beaphar has complete feeds for birds under the brand name XtraVital in its range. These complete foods are a combination of egg food, a supplementary food and a seed mixture. The advantage of buying a complete feed is that the seed mixture and supplementary feed are very precisely matched.

XtraVital bird feeders are complete and balanced. Each food is tailored to the natural nutritional needs of the specific species. XtraVital consists of significantly more types of seeds than ordinary seed mixtures. Ordinary seed mixes contain an average of 6 types of seeds. XtraVital Super Premium bird food contains no less than 15 to 30 different types of seeds and in this way meets the natural needs of your bird.

The minerals used in XtraVital bird feeds are chelated. This means that the minerals are covered with a layer of amino acids. As a result, the minerals are better absorbed into the bird's body and they do not interfere with each other's absorption. For example, disruption of mineral absorption can lead to anemia. Honey has been added for better acceptance of the food, because birds love it. The food contains Echinacea, which promotes resistance. Birds like XtraVital so much that they will eat their entire food bowl empty.

XtraVital bird food is enriched with Echinacea; a homeopathic product, derived from the plant Echinacea Purpurea. Research has shown that Echinacea promotes resistance. It is also prepared with pure flower honey for a wonderful smell and taste. The acceptance is therefore excellent. Your bird will really love XtraVital. Switching to XtraVital will in most cases go without any problems.

XtraVital food is suitable for canaries, parakeetslarge parakeets, tropical brids en parrots


Care+ Bird food is a complete super premium food on a biological basis. The special thing about this food is that the vitamins and minerals are present in their natural form. This is done by using vegetables, fruits and herbs that naturally contain many of these essential nutrients. The pellets are not heated, so that almost all nutritional elements are preserved in the product. 95% of the ingredients used are certified organic. In organic farming, where no pesticides are used, plants must be as healthy as possible. This cultivation gives a higher nutritional value and provides natural building blocks for the bird's body. Many organic vegetables are therefore processed in Care+. To preserve the nutritional value, the pellets are packed in a protective atmosphere. Care+ contains no preservatives.

Care+ contains many different natural and untreated raw materials, each with a number of specific properties. By combining these, a responsible diet is created. Examples of ingredients used are:

- Carrot: rich in, among other things, vitamins B, C and iron, where vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron in the body; important for blood vessels, resistance and bones.

- Spinach: source of beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A, important for a healthy plumage.

- Broccoli: rich in vitamin C and calcium and contains natural antioxidants. The latter protect body cells against damage.

- Citrus peel: contains flavonoids. These natural substances promote the absorption of vitamin C in the body and therefore contribute to healthy collagen (connective tissue) between the cells of the body.

- Oregano: is disinfecting

- Rosehip: source of vitamin C

- Corn germs: packed with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell aging.

- Wheat: contains a lot of carbohydrates for energy supply and is rich in B-Vitamins, important for metabolism and feathering.

- Nettle: gives an irresistibly delicious taste for birds.

- Dandelion: contains important elements for digestion and is important for the coloring of the feathers.

- Legumes: peas are a source of protein and also contain folic acid which is important for feather growth. Soy contains, among other things, the fatty acid lechitin, essential for the cell membranes in the bird's body.

- Rosemary: stimulates blood circulation, among other things.

In addition to the raw materials mentioned above, Care+ Bird Food contains many more certified organically grown ingredients such as barley, lupine, corn gluten meal, alfalfa, peeled sunflower seeds, cinnamon, bay leaf, kale, etc.

Care+ bird food is available in the following variants: Parrot, Parrots and Cockatoos, Parrots and Cockatoos High Energy, Large and Medium Parakeets, Small Parakeets.


Do you want to give your bird a responsible snack every now and then? Beaphar has Snoepzaad, Zangmix and Vruchtzaad in the assortment

In addition, birds sometimes also like a fresh piece of fruit, but pay attention to which fruit you give; avocado, for example, is toxic to parakeets. Make sure that birds do not have continuous fruit available; then there is a chance that they will leave their normal meal because there is something delicious; this can lead to shortages. Furthermore, it is of course important to remove fruit in good time: before it starts to mold and can become a source of diseases.