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Beaphar IntestoPro: Soothe your pet's sensitive tummy

Supporting intestinal function

Soothe your pet's sensitive tummy. Beaphar IntestoPro helps relieve intestinal problems in dogs and cats by making loose stools more solid and supporting healthy bowel function.

The main natural ingredient in Beaphar IntestoPro, zeolite, helps solidify stool by absorbing excess fluid in the gut. The products also contain FOS and MOS, both of which are known to support normal bowel function. Beaphar IntestoPro is an easy and effective way to solidify stools and put pets back at ease. Particularly suitable for dogs and cats with loose or fluctuating stools.

Loose stools are quite common in dogs and cats. Common reasons for this are:

  1. Change in diet
  2. Stress
  3. Inappropriate eating habits
  4. (Car) Travel or Holidays

Beaphar IntestoPro is specially developed to make stools more solid and firm. Most issues should be resolved within 3 days.

Beaphar IntestoPro assortiment

About the ingredients in IntestoPro


The main ingredient is zeolite, a natural clay known for its absorbent properties. Zeolite absorbs excess fluid in the intestines, which causes the stool to become more solid. A specific amount of zeolite binds water and increases the consistency of the stool.


The products also contain aluminum hydroxide, FOS and MOS. These ingredients help in keeping the digestive system active and efficient. Pets' guts contain a lot of bacteria to help break down the food they eat. Some of these bacteria are good and healthy (probiotics). Good bacteria use FOS and MOS as a food source to grow and reproduce. When the number of healthy, good bacteria in the digestive system increases, it can prevent bad bacteria from growing and cause digestive problems.

Beaphar IntestoPro Tablets

The tablets help relieve intestinal problems in cats and dogs from the age of 8 weeks and 1 kg body weight. Particularly suitable for animals with loose stools. Ideal in case of a change in diet or to alleviate intestinal problems caused by inappropriate eating habits or by stress.

Beaphar IntestoPro Pastes

The pastes help relieve stomach problems in dogs and cats. Also suitable for kittens and puppies from 4 weeks old. Ideal to ensure a smooth transition from breast milk to solid food. The paste is a handy alternative for animals that do not want to take tablets.

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