Beaphar Care+ Nature® - Feeling naturally happy

Premium food rich in natural ingredients

Keep your small furry friend in optimal condition naturally with Beaphar Care+ Nature®.

This tasty premium feed is rich in natural ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of your rabbit or guinea pig. Its high fibre content promotes their digestion, and the specially hardened pellets support the natural wearing of their teeth. It contains no cereal and grains, no added sugar or colourants. Enjoy a more natural and healthy life, together.

Discover all benefits of Beaphar Care+ Nature®


  • Rich in Timothy hay
  • Contains a blend of herbs & grasses
  • Irresistible taste thanks to the natural flavours of apple, chicory and carrot
  • Specially hardened pellets to support the natural wearing of their teeth
  • High fibre content to increase chewing activity and promote digestion
  • With natural prebiotics that stimulate beneficial gut bacteria
  • Contains Yucca schidigera, to reduce faecal odour
  • No added sugar or colourants
  • Cereal and grain free
  • Specifically for guinea pig: enriched with vitamin C


Enjoy a more natural and healthy life, together.

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Bring out their natural self with Beaphar Care+ Nature®

Providing your rabbit or guinea pig with nutrition that reflects their natural diet is essential for their overall health and well-being.  Rabbits and guinea pigs are herbivores, eating only plants. In the wild, their diet consists mainly of grasses, hay, various plants and herbs, twigs and occasionally roots. Such foods are rich in fibre and low in carbohydrates and sugar.  

Promotes their digestion 
Nutrition without grains and cereal products contains less carbohydrates and sugar. Beaphar Care+ Nature® helps to maintain a balanced and optimally functioning digestive system, and a healthy body weight. The natural prebiotics stimulate good gut bacteria and the yucca schidigera reduces stool odour. 

Supports natural wearing of teeth 
Rabbits and guinea pigs have a unique digestive system that is specially adapted to this natural diet, as are their teeth. Fibres are important to keep their digestion going and to increase their chewing time for adequate wear of their continually growing teeth.  

“My guinea pigs find it super tasty!“ “Both my house rabbits absolutely love it and it is very healthy and high in fibre.”