Our family history

From past to present

The history of Beaphar goes back a long way. The company was founded in 1942 by the man after whom the company is named: Bernard Aa (Pharmacie). After starting with homeopathic products for dogs and cats, the company experienced significant growth between the 1950s and 1970s through the development and production of the first veterinary medicines and care products for pets.

Beaphar's first factory


After the transfer of the management of the company to J. Henk Aa, a period began in which many acquisitions were made and Beaphar became active in several countries, including Germany. Various product categories were also added to Beaphar's range through acquisitions.

In 1979, the company sets up its own R&D department with a laboratory. This allowed the company to take a major step forward in the world of veterinary medicine and later, in 1983, it led to the production of our first flea collars for dogs. A new milestone followed in 1993: After eight years of studies and preparation, the first flea spot-ons were registered. Beaphar was one of the very first companies with this registration.

The largest acquisition to date followed in 1994. This concerned the British firm Sherleys, a subsidiary of the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical giant Ciba Geigy (Novartis). In 2007 followed the acquisition of the British company Sinclair Animal and Household Care Limited, a manufacturer of pet medicines and producer of a complete range of fish products: fish feed, water treatments and medicines.

Several acquisitions followed after that. Beaphar now has its own sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Norway and the Czech Republic. In addition to its own Beaphar employees in these countries, Beaphar exports its products all over the world through a large network of distributors.

Beaphar worldwide

Building our future

Beaphar's products are made in four factories in Raalte, Hedel and Gainsborough (United Kingdom). To support the growth of the Beaphar brand, work is currently underway on the construction of a new factory in Raalte.

Beaphar new factory

Extensive product range

The current Beaphar product range focuses on dog, cat, rabbit & rodent and bird. We also sell products for fish under our daughter company King British and we have also taken steps in the horse market through recent acquisitions of the Primeval brand.

For these animals, our range mainly consists of products against fleas and ticks for the animal itself and for the environment, various nutritional supplements, milk substitutes, dental care, products for eye and ear and all kinds of care products, including for the coat/fur. 

Henk Aa
Daan Aa