Understanding the flea life cycle and how to kill fleas

Flea Eggs
All flea eggs have a shiny shells so fall from the coat landing wherever the pet has access to. 
The eggs will hatch after 5-10 days, depending on the temperature and humidity. 

Flea Larvae
The larvae hatch and begin to feed on the shed skin and adult flea faecal matter which contains undigested blood from your pet. 

The larvae prefer warm, moist environments and will avoid direct sunlight often hiding under furniture and skirting boards.  

Flea Pupae
Flea pupae are sticky ad will attract debris from house to protect and disguise themselves in the environment. Most hatch after 4 days however they can survive for over 140 days until the most beneficial circumstances arrive, often when a host animal is available. 

Because they can survive in this state of suspended animation fleas can often appear long after an effective treatment has worn off. 

Adult Fleas
As soon as the adult flea hops onto a pet, they will begin to suck its blood. After 36 hours and her first blood meal, the adult female will lay its first eggs. A female flea may lay approximately 1,350 eggs in 2-3 months lifetime. 

Flea Life Cycle