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Potty training a rabbit, the tips for good results

Nothing is more fun than having your rabbit roam around the house. It's nice if he relieves himself in a fixed place. Rabbits are hygienic animals by nature so that is certainly possible. Housetraining a rabbit is actually not quite the right term, because housetraining actually means that you can stop or postpone the need. That is an impossible task for rabbits, but it is more about learning a specific place and good news: it is possible!

From what age can you potty train a rabbit?

Housetraining a rabbit at a young age is often difficult. The demarcation of the territory also happens with poo and pee and this also plays up during puberty. Secretly they sometimes make quite a mess of it. It is generally advised to start housetraining your rabbit from about 10 months of age. It does depend a bit on the breed and size of your rabbit, so do your research beforehand.

The toilet

To potty train your rabbit, he needs a toilet. This one obviously looks different from ours as humans. There are a few important things to keep in mind with a rabbit toilet:

  • The size of your rabbit toilet
    Look for a rabbit toilet size that fits the size of your rabbit. If the size is not sufficient, your rabbit will look for another place. Consult the store to determine the correct size. A proper toilet will help you enormously to potty train your rabbit.


  • Bedding in your rabbit toilet
    Preferably use a different bedding in the toilet than in your rabbit's hutch/accommodation. In this way he learns to distinguish. Also inquire about the different options. We do not recommend clumping bedding, as this can cause problems if your rabbit eats it. Also take dust into account, because a rabbit has sensitive airways. Furthermore, it is of course up to your preference and the preference of your rabbit.


  • The material of your rabbit toilet
    In any case, the material must be easy to clean. Rabbits don't like bad smells, you wouldn't like that either. Do not use a cardboard box (also during training). This attracts moisture and your rabbit will no longer prefer to use the toilet anymore


  • Location of your rabbit toiletIt might sound a little crazy to us. But a rabbit likes to eat while doing his business. Therefore, place a hay rack near the toilet, for example. Or place the toilet close to his existing hay rack. This is another handy trick that will help you potty train your rabbit. Preferably place the rabbit in a place where your rabbit regularly does its own business.


Potty training your rabbit

First of all, provide a calm environment. Many changes in the house, new roommates or visitors, etc. can cause stress to your rabbit. Potty training a stressed rabbit is almost an impossible task. You can make your rabbit feel more comfortable with Beaphar's RabbitComfort® diffuser. It works on the basis of pheromones that a mother rabbit also releases during suckling. It has an instinctive calming effect which aids in potty training your rabbit.

Collect all droppings!
If you have a new toilet, collect some of your rabbit's droppings and put them in there already. This will help your rabbit use the toilet. In the beginning it will probably still go wrong and you will also find some droppings outside the toilet. Now comes the discipline for you, clean everything up and don't forget a single poo. Put the droppings in the toilet. You should do this as often as possible during the day, but at least 3 times. It really can take several weeks for your rabbit to be completely housebroken.

Limit the space
If you want to potty train your rabbit, do not immediately do this in a large room. For example, temporarily close off a part of your living room with a gate. This way the toilet is always close to your rabbit and it is easier for him to find it. Is it going well? Then you expand the space a little bit.

Location of preference
Do you want your rabbit to use the toilet in a different place than where his first preference is? Then it will take you a little more time. First, place the toilet in your rabbit's preferred location. And move the toilet a little bit every day, until it is where you want it. It may also help to start with multiple toilets for your rabbit.

Reward your rabbit for good behavior. Do not lift your rabbit to put it on the box. He doesn't like that and makes him restless. That only works against potty training.

And do you ever see your rabbit taking a nap in his toilet? That is very normal for rabbits and even a sign that he feels comfortable there.


As indicated earlier in this article, your rabbit likes a clean and fresh toilet. If not, he will look for another place. Replace the floor covering regularly, remove the droppings and clean the toilet once a week with Beaphar Multi Cleaner. What else you can do to keep the toilet extra fresh is to use Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules

What if potty training fails

Are you unable to house train your rabbit despite all the previous tips? Not all rabbits are housebroken. There are a few more things you can do:

  • First, rule out a medical cause. For example, rabbits can suffer from bladder stones, with these problems toilet training becomes very difficult. Of course, the rabbit must be assessed and treated by a veterinarian for this.
  • See if a rabbit behaviorist can help you.
  • Discuss the options regarding castration with experts (behaviourist and veterinarian). This changes the hormone balance of the rabbit and he / she often also becomes less territorial. In some cases, this can also contribute to rabbit toilet training.


By following our tips you have a good chance that your rabbit can hop around your house because he is toilet trained. And let's face it, what could be more fun than that?