Help your cat feel at ease anywhere

Restore the calm, stress-free atmosphere to your home with the Beaphar CatComfort® Range.

Beaphar CatComfort® uses pheromones which are recognised by your cat, and are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance and help reduce unwanted behaviour. By using Beaphar CatComfort® you can help your cat feel at ease anywhere.

Ideal for use all year round, and suitable for everyday stresses and events such as fireworks, Beaphar CatComfort® is an effective range of easy to use products. The pheromones used are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance in cats, and are particularly useful for cats suffering from anxiety, stress and changes in their environment.

The Beaphar CatComfort® Product Range includes:

- Beaphar CatComfort Calming Diffuser, Starter Kit

- Beaphar CatComfort 30 Day Refill

- Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray, 30ml 

What are Pheromones?
Pheromones are the invisible markers left by cats to mark an area as a safe, comfortable space, and are often associated with feelings of reassurance and happiness. Leaving these markers is your cat’s way of forming a positive connection with an object or space.

When a cat feels comfortable and reassured, they are less likely to exhibit problem behaviours, such as vertical scratching or spraying Many cat-owners will recognise this behaviour, as cats often rub up against their owners and household objects. By doing this, your cat is releasing pheromones and marking the area as a ‘safe-space’ which is comfortable for them to be in, and identifying you as a person they are comfortable and happy to be around.