Dog with joint problems?

Of course you want your dog to be fit, healthy and full of energy. Unfortunately, joint problems also occur in dogs. Because aches and pains can get worse with age, this is a concern for many dog owners. Some dogs have joint problems throughout their lives. Size, weight, age and growth rate affect it and it can occur in all breeds and ages.

Signs a dog has stiff or painful joints

  • Loss of vitality and/or fatigue
  • Lame or difficulty moving
  • Not in for a walk
  • Troubles with walking stairs
  • Troubles getting in/out their dog bed or out of the car
  • A previously active dog has trouble keeping up with the owner running, or wants to play less

The first step to prevent joint problems is to prevent obesity. Regular grooming is also important to maintain joint health, especially in sports and working dogs.

Most dogs with less severe symptoms can benefit from a daily addition of good quality joint supplements. The Beaphar glucosamine products have been developed to keep your dog's joints healthy.

Prevention is better than having to cure

Beaphar has developed a number of supplements to support the joints of dogs of all ages. Can be used to keep dogs flexible and mobile and also to help them return to a more active lifestyle. Suitable for (older) dogs that suffer from wear and tear. The joints of very active dogs such as working dogs and sport dogs can also be supported with these supplements.

Tips to prevent joint pain

  • a daily portion of exercise keeps muscles and joints strong
  • a warm, soft place to sleep, so that the joints can rest and recover after an active day
  • overweight in dogs leads to joint pain; keep your dog at a healthy weight, especially with older dogs
  • regular use of good quality joint supplements to support tissues, cartilage and tendons.

Joints need to be maintained. Like hair and nails, cartilage grows a little bit every day. This is very important to replace the cartilage that wears out. In addition, joint fluid must also be made daily: the lubricating oil for the joints.

Active ingredients:

The Beaphar glucosamine products include the following ingredients for flexible muscles and joints.

  • Glucosamine
    Glucosamine is essential in the production of collagen, which gives cartilage its strength and structure and is useful in the formation of tendons and muscles. In addition, it contains important building materials that are necessary to restore the "normal wear and tear" of the joints.


  • Chondroitin
    The primary function of chondroitin is to give the joint its shock absorbing properties. As one of the most important building blocks in the production of joint fluid, chondroitin therefore helps to improve joint function.


  • Green-lipped mussel
    A natural source rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which help to renew and maintain cartilage. It also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Green-lipped mussel extract is also commonly used in human medicines for its anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Omega 3 en 6
    Rich in antioxidants and important for muscle building.


  • Vitamin C
    To support the immune system and collagen formation for cartilage and bones.


  • Vitamin E
    Strong antioxidant, important to prevent cell aging.


  • Copper
    Important for the formation of collagen, an essential protein in bones and joints.


  • Manganese
    Is an antioxidant that helps against cell aging and is important for bone structure.

The Beaphar Joint range: