9 Checks for when you're buying a guinea pig

Just like with other animals, there are certain checks that can be done to see whether your guinea pig is healthy or not. This is especially wise to do before you decide to buy a guinea pig. If you want to buy a baby guinea pig, be sure to buy one that is at least 4 - 5 weeks old. The nine checks below can help you establish the general health of your guinea pig. 

There are nine checks you can do on a daily basis, to make sure your guinea pig is healthy and happy...


  1. Glossy coat that does not have any bald patches or sores.
  2. The guinea pig should not be too skinny. It should be well-covered with skin and fur.
  3. It should be bright and responsive. 
  4. Energetic and it should be able to move without difficulty or looking stiff
  5. Its bottom should be clean. 
  6. It should have healthy teeth and no signs of dental problems.
  7. Clean eyes, ears, mouth and nose, with no signs of discharge
  8. No signs of breathing problems
  9. No signs of lumps and bumps

The picture below indicates exactly which areas to check when buying a guinea pig.

check guinea pig