About Beaphar

Because Pets Are Family Too

We stand for family, accessibility, quality & care. These values ​​are cornerstones of Beaphar and the essence of our company.

Because our pets are valued members of the family, Beaphar believes that pet owners should have easy access to quality care products and affordable medicines. Beaphar provides affordable, accessible health, care and nutrition products of high quality to pets and their families in more than 86 countries. But we don't stop there.

Our pets are not just animals. They are our buddies, our friends, our family. Beaphar believes that they deserve the best care and Beaphar can provide this care. We want all pets and their families to have access to quality, affordable, reliable health, grooming and nutrition products.

It is what drives our employees – 90% of whom have pets of their own.


At Beaphar, we are committed to making our business more sustainable. Today, more than ever, we take responsibility for keeping our planet sustainable for today’s families and future generations. Our concern for sustainability is firmly rooted in our purpose: “We go all the way to ensure the wellbeing of pets, people, and planet and care for each other and generations to come.” Below you can find our more about how we plan to do that, by clicking on each link:

Beaphar is a family business and was founded in 1942
About our family history
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The power of pets and family

People and animals share a special bond. Animals help many of us to better interact with the world, and encourage us to be part of society. The bond between humans and animals enriches life and benefits the health and well-being of both the person and the pet.

Having a pet means having a friend for life. Pets support us at all stages of life: developing social, emotional and cognitive capacities during childhood, reducing stress in adulthood and alleviating loneliness and associated mental health problems for people of all ages. In addition, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those who do not own a pet.

Having a pet is having a constant companion, a friend who cheers you up when you are sad, a friend who is always happy to see you when you come home. That loyalty deserves the very best care. That's why Beaphar offers a wide range of high-quality pet care products so that our customers can give their pets the care they deserve, just like their other family members.

Our core values

Family focus

We care for pets like we care for our family and we do everything we can so pet owners can enjoy a healthy and happy bond with their pets. Everything we do is driven by our passion and fundamental insight that pets are part of the family. We are a family company, we know what family means. We create a sense of belonging and work together; trusting, understanding and supporting each other. We foster a warm bond with all our stakeholders, internal and external, to ensure other families can take care of the health and well-being of their loved ones. We cherish the emotional bond between pet and the owner as we believe this improves the quality of life.


We offer good value for money - our products are affordable for the family pet owner. We commit to an affordable pricing and open distribution, without concessions on quality. Our products and services are within easy reach for our customers, both physically and digitally - you can buy them wherever you search for them. We provide quick and simple access to Customer Service and product expertise. We are approachable for consumers, customers, colleagues, and all stakeholders that share our values.

Quality & Care

We are pet lovers and are internally motivated to do the best we can in all areas of our business. We are committed to achieving high standards and advancing best practice. Our products do what they promise and solve everyday problems. We use quality ingredients and strictly controlled production processes to ensure we deliver. Product safety, effectiveness combined with sustainability sit at the heart of everything we do - globally. We value our customers; we build long-term relationships and are a trusted adviser for daily care, health and well-being of pets. We are dedicated to delivering on promises and exceeding expectations, each and every time.