The power of pets and family

You're never alone when you care

Humans and animals share a special bond. Animals help many of us interact better with the world, allowing people who would otherwise feel excluded or different to feel more comfortable and integrate with society.

The human-animal bond enriches the lives, and benefits the health and well-being of both the person and the pet. Spending just 10 minutes with a pet has the potential to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, by a significant amount. When you have a pet, they become a life-long friend. Pets support us in all stages of life: aiding social, emotional and cognitive development during childhood, reducing stress in adulthood, and alleviating loneliness and associated mental health issues for people of all ages. Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners.

Having a pet is having a constant companion, a friend who cheers you up when you’re feeling sad, a pal who’s always excited to see you when you come home. That kind of loyalty deserves the very best care. That's why Beaphar offers a wide range of quality pet care products which give our pets all the love they deserve, like any other family member.

For older people, loneliness can be real struggle. It can even affect their health. At Beaphar, we know that you can overcome loneliness by caring. Because you’re never alone when you care.

Because pets are family too

Instead of a small end-of-the-year present to our partners, we strongly felt to help those who need it the most. We donated more than 5300 of our pastes to a charity that helps families that, due to different circumstances, are living their lives with a minimum income and below the normal standards.

We all know that having pets gives us joy, warmth and brings us companionship. For those families that are living a hard life, a pet can help them through a rough period. We donated to: stichting bevordering Huisdierenwelzijn, translaton: charity promote pets welfare. This charity does a lot to support the wellbeing of pets of those families that are living under the social minimum.

This charity offers animal feed, pays bills to vets in cases of a seriously ill or injured pet and many other ways to make sure everyone can enjoy the companionship that a pet brings.Stichting Huisdierenwelzijn does not support families with minimum income to purchase a pet. They give presentations and teach that taking care of pets is a huge responsibility and costs are involved. We are very happy that this charity exists and that we can help: because pets are family too.

What we stand for: Beaphar’s core values

Family Focus

Everything we do is driven by our passion for the health and well-being of every pet. We work together, both internally and with external organisations, to share our collective knowledge and expertise so we can help more pets and their families.


We remain focused on ensuring our products are within easy reach without compromising on quality. We are committed to providing first-class service and producing great products that are affordable for all pets and their families.

Quality & Care – in all we do

We care for pets like we care for family, and place nutritional quality and product safety at the heart of everything we do across Beaphar, worldwide. We are dedicated to delivering on our promise to provide the best health, care and nutritional products for your pets, and to exceed expectations, each and every time.

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