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XtraVital Gerbil Feed

Product reference 16393E
XtraVital Gerbil Feed is an extremely palatable, well-balanced, premium feed. The feed contains all necessary vitamins together with chelated minerals (minerals surrounded by a protein coating for improved absorption).
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XtraVital Gerbil Feed is an extremely palatable, well-balanced, premium feed. The feed contains all necessary vitamins together with chelated minerals (minerals surrounded by a protein coating for improved absorption) and is tailored to the nutritional requirements of gerbils. Since gerbils eat insects (next to herbs, plants and flowers) living in the wild, XtraVital contains turkey, which is rich in protein and has low fat content to prevent obesity. The additional Echinacea (maintains a healthy immune system) and MOS (mannan-oligosaccharide) ensures regular and healthy bowel movements.

Sizes available: 500g
It is more natural for Gerbils to search for and collect their food, so it is better to  scatter the feed around the cage than putting it in a bowl. XtraVital gerbil food is delicious and your gerbil should take to it straight away. However, for the first few days keep an eye on food intake and mix in a little of the old feed if necessary. Gerbils like routine, so it is a good idea to feed your gerbil at a set time each day. An average gerbil will eat about 6-10 grams of XtraVital per day. In the beginning, it is advisable to monitor the intake of Beaphar XtraVital and adjust the amount you feed accordingly. Give just enough to ensure everything is eaten in one day. Give fresh feed and clean drinking water every day water every day.
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