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XtraVital Chipmunk Feed - Dutch/French/English/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/Greek

XtraVital Chipmunk Feed

Product reference 16335E
XtraVital Chipmunk Feed is an extremely palatable, well-balanced, premium feed, which contains all the vitamins and minerals chipmunks need to stay healthy and full of vitality.
XtraVital Chipmunkis a muesli-style small animal food supplied in gas-flushed bags for freshness and maximum palatability. The composition is appropriate for chipmunks, with the correct amounts of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Pre-biotic MOS is added to encourage a healthy gut-flora and digestion. One bag will feed a typical chipmunk for 50 days.

Sizes available: 800g
A chipmunk will eat approximately 10-20 grams of Beaphar XtraVital Chipmunk Food per day. In the beginning, it is advisable to monitor the intake of Beaphar XtraVital and adjust the amount you feed accordingly. Give just enough to ensure everything is eaten in one day. The varied composition of high quality ingredients ensures optimum palatability, so switching to XtraVital from another brand should not be difficult. However, when first switching to XtraVital, you may like to mix it with the old food to begin with. Protein-coating of minerals ensures excellent absorption into the body. The addition of special crunchy pieces helps care for your animal’s teeth. Give fresh feed and clean drinking water every day.
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