UK 6 Top Bonfire Night Tips for Pet Owners

For us humans bonfire night is a lot of fun with all the fairs, fireworks and parties but for pets is can be quick distressing.  
To help your pets stay calm during this period we have created a few simple tips which can help reduce the stress in all all animals and make them more comfortable.  

Our 7 Bonfire Night Pet Tips

Food - Bonfire Night Tip1. Try giving your pet a little more food than usual to settle them early
A little extra food will help them feel more comfortable and help put them in a good mood. The more comfortable they feel the more likely they wont react to the noises.

Dry Cat Food - Bonfire Night and Pets2. Take your dog for a long walk or exercise your pet during the day well before the fireworks start
Exercise during the day ensures that you wont be walking around at night with the fireworks going off which would increase the chances of your pet becoming stressed. It will also tire them early, increasing the likelihood of them finding a quiet spot to sleep.  

Cat - Bonfire Night Tip

3. Secure all doors, windows and cat/dog flaps as pets have a tendency to run when spooked
Create a safe environment for your pet where you can keep an eye on them so you can monitor their beaviour and ensure they are comfortable. If they get spooked you can find them easily and help them relax as best as possible.

Dog - Bonfire Night Tip


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