05 Aug 2020

Beaphar celebrates the production of its 250 millionth flea collar

Global pet healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturer, Beaphar, celebrated a huge milestone in July 2020 - the production of its 250 million flea collar! 

One of the most popular forms of flea control worldwide, flea collars offer pet owners a hassle-free way to protect their pets from fleas and other parasites. 

‘Flea collars have been a part of Beaphar for nearly 40 years,’ said Daan Aa, CEO, Beaphar. ‘They are one of Beaphar’s most significant product developments. Not only are they our bestselling product range worldwide, but they paved the way for the development of our hugely popular anti-parasite product range, as well as the development of other products such as our calming collars. 

‘To have reached such a huge milestone is phenomenal. It is a testament to the hard work of my Beaphar colleagues, past and present, and the popularity of the products amongst pet owners across the globe.’ 

Since 1983

Beaphar produced their first flea collar in 1983. Henk Aa (Daan’s father and CEO) first saw the product while travelling abroad. He immediately saw the potential, knowing this was something Beaphar should manufacture in-house. Sketching out designs on the plane ride home, Henk and the Technical Team developed Beaphar’s first flea collar production line. 

Largest manufacturer of flea collars in the world

In those early days, buckles were added by hand, but technological advancements mean the process is now fully automated. Today, Beaphar produce 12 million flea collars annually, making them the largest manufacturer of flea collars in the world. 

‘It’s no surprise that flea collars have become and remain one of the most popular flea control methods for cats and dogs,’ said Daan . ‘Fleas can cause our pets a great deal of discomfort and distress. As a much-loved member of the family, owners want to know they have a reliable product that can protect their pets. Being long-lasting and easy-to-use, flea collars offer a simple way to achieve this.’

Providing pets and their families with the best

Another hugely popular product is the Beaphar Canishield® collar for dogs. Providing 16 weeks protection against fleas, it also offers 6 months protection against ticks and 5.5 months against sand flies.  

‘Watching the 250 millionth flea collar roll off the conveyer belt filled me with pride, but also showed just how far we’ve come thanks to our innovation and development,’ said Daan . ‘We have always strived to provide pets and their families with the very best products, and will continue to do so. I look forward to seeing the 500 millionth Beaphar flea collar being made in the future.’
 Henk & Daan Aa with 250 millionth flea collar

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