28 May 2020

Statement - Unlawful use of Beaphar trade name and company details

It has come to our attention that a third party is using the details of a trade name owned by Beaphar BV. We want to caution our customers as well as the general public of the dealings of this entity. This entity operates under the names:


Aafarma is our officially registered trade name and under this name the entity is now offering and selling medical supplies. Furthermore, this domain www.aa-farmabv.com has been unlawfully publishing our company details, such as VAT number, registration number of the Chamber of Commerce and company address.

Caution! Do not order!

We want to stress that the entity currently running this website is not related to Beaphar whatsoever. In addition, we want to caution people of the public to not order supplies from this website. Based on the facts mentioned and information we have received from duped customers, this is not a reliable party to do business with.

With the above mentioned facts we conclude that this domain www.aa-farmabv.com is acting unlawfully against Beaphar BV and Aafarma B.V.  Please be advised that we have informed national authorities on this matter and if this situation continues, we will take legal action.

Kornelieke Buchel

General manager

Beaphar BV.

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