07 Nov 2019

NutriSupport Innovative health supplements for cats and dogs

Beaphar extended our range with an innovative health supplement for cats and dogs. The range is called NutriSupport and are nutraceuticals that support the well-being of dogs anc cat. The very tasty jelly's are optimal absorbed by your pets body! 

Nutraceuticals, what is it?

NutriSupports are nutraceuticals that support the well-being of dogs and cats. Nutraceuticals are supplements that promote good health, and often contain
natural ingredients that are already well-known for their health benefits. The worldwide interest in nutraceuticals is growing rapidly, as we are looking looking for natural alternatives to support our own health and well-being, and we do wish to do this the same for our pets: because Pets are family too! 
Beaphar has therefore developed a range of nutraceuticals to suit the needs of cats and dogs, giving us more choice when it comes to supporting our pet’s health. When added to a balanced diet, nutraceuticals can help provide additional support to your pet when they need it most.

Beaphar NutriSupport"
We have developed NutriSupport together with experts and specialists. The jelly's are perfectly formulated for your dog and/or cat, the result is an irresistible and appetising nutraceutical health supplement. These jellies come in two flavours, meaty pork flavour for dogs and salmon flavour for cats.

We have developed four types:

Promotes good intestinal flora
Soothes Intestinal wind
All natural active ingredients

Very suitable if your dog and/or cats needs support in the digestive system 

 Sea Buckthorn
Yucca schidigera
Protects healthy cells and tissues
Promotes well-being
With natural active ingredients

Very suitable if your dog and/or cat is  showing signs of ageing or from 7 years+


 Protects cells during physical activity
Ideal for active and workings dogs
All natural active ingredients

Very suitable if you have an active live with your dog. Supports muscle recovery of your dog

Low protein formula
Supports cell regeneration
All natural active ingredients

Very suitable if your cat has kidney problems or wit a predisposition of kidney problems


The ingredients:

 Sea Buckthorn
- Promotes the acceleration
of mucosal healing
- Source of Vitamins A, C
and E, Omega 7, Linoleic
acid and a-linolenic acid

 Yucca schidigera
- Known to reduces
faecal odour
A source of Beta-carotene, which:
- Is a powerful anti-oxidant
- Reduces oxidative stress
and protects cells against
free radicals
A source of Lutein, which:
- Reduces oxidative stress and
protects cells against free radicals
- Promotes well-being and
supports the immune system
A source of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which:
- Counteracts increased oxidative stress
- Is the first antioxidant mobilised by the cells for
defence and helps to prevent the formation of
free radicals
- Has a stronger impact compared to
antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E and
polyphenols) as it activates the body
to produce its own antioxidants
A source of Nucleotides, which:
- Support cell regeneration
- Promote intestinal function
and healthy gut flora
- Support the immune system
- Supports the cells’ ability to
utilise fatty acids for energy
- Limits tissue accumulation of lipids
- Helps reduce myocardial oxidative stress
- Aids muscle recovery
- Preserves cardiovascular function

What does it makes so unique?:

Unique soft jellies
Very high palatable and digestive
Natural active ingredients
Low in calories
No artificial colours

Because your pet is important: because Pets are family too!

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