06 Jun 2019

Beaphar Canishield | The Talk

Beaphar’s cheeky new video offers ‘protection’ for dogs with active social lives

Did you ever have that embarrassing talk with your parent after you started enjoying the company of the opposite sex? Beaphar are tapping into this relatable family issue in their new video, “The Talk”. Only in this instance, the embarrassing issue is protecting our beloved dogs from becoming infected by nasty diseases that are carried by common parasites – fleas and ticks.

Beaphar Canishield® is a new, deltamethrin-based collar which provides up to 6 months’ protection from fleas, ticks and sandflies.

“The Talk” is a familiar concept that everyone can relate to,” explains Dr Sue Huggett, Business Manager for Beaphar UK. “For many, it will also have been a little awkward, just as it can be awkward for pet owners to seek help with their pets’ parasites. Many pet owners are embarrassed to ask for help for fear of being judged.’

‘By referencing something relatable, we’re not only creating an emotional link between us and the consumer, but informing them that actually, there’s a very easy way to protect their dogs. Beaphar Canishield® provides long-lasting, triple protection against ticks, fleas and sandflies for up to 6 months. This is ideal as we move into the summer and autumn when fleas and ticks are most active.’

Beaphar Canishield® provides dogs with up to 6 months protection against ticks, 16 weeks against fleas and 5.5 months against sandflies. 

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