14 May 2018

Beaphar's New Branding

Beaphar moves forward with new global branding

Global pet pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturer, Beaphar, is going back to its roots as they move forward with a new company logo and a new strapline. 

 Pets bring so much to people’s lives without even trying, and soon they aren’t just a pet, they are part of the family. Providing the best for your family is the founding principal of Beaphar, and has been the inspiration behind the new logo and strapline, ‘Because pets are family too’.

Daan Aa, Company Director, comments: “Our brand essence is core to everything we do at Beaphar, and has been since my grandfather, Bernard Aa, started the company. Our pets are family too and they deserve the very best care, and at Beaphar we aim to offer accessible, affordable and quality products to help pet-owners achieve this.”  

The new logo has been developed to more accurately reflect Beaphar’s brand values of family, accessibility, affordability and quality. It carries through the strong, clear layout of the previous logo, with the iconic Beaphar red remaining at its heart, while the newly added orange and magenta tones express the wide spectrum of pet solutions and add a sense of warmth that every pet owner will associate with the feeling you get from spending time with your furry or feathered friend. The brand font itself has also undergone a subtle change, with previously sharp lines and corners becoming more rounded and consequently more friendly to reflect the caring nature of the family-orientated company. 

Amy Laura Hepworth, Global Brand Manager, explains: “We wanted the new Beaphar logo to be a step forward in terms of design, but also reflect the brand essence of quality, expertise, service and trust that has guided Beaphar to this point. The new logo is powerful, clear and emotionally attractive, and besides being future-proof also representative of the reliable, family-orientated, pet healthcare brand that Beaphar has always, and will continue to be. The logo is the pillar of a new consistent brand identity, that not only is reflected in our brand new corporate guidelines, but also will be applied on packaging and communication tools.”

The new three-tone gradient logo also feeds into a new product classification system, which places the Beaphar product range into three core sectors  – health, care and nutrition. Thereby bringing the product range into a consistent form globally achieving greater impact on shelf and wider recognition of the brand as a one-stop shop solution because of the many accessible products available from Beaphar.


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