08 Aug 2016

Our Beaphar Trade Zone is live!

Our newly developed Trade Zone can now be used by our business partners. They will find a lot of information there, including additional product information, product images, marketing materials and so on. Nearly all distributors currently have an active account with their personalized profile and password on there. 

Distributors that have not received a notification about there account, can click here to make their own account. 

Why register?

The registration is free of charge and very easy. You can register via our website and the system will then send you an email to confirm your registration. Afterwards, your account will be released and you will be able to use your account. In our Trade Zone, we will offer all necessary materials for you to use and you will also be able to get in touch with your export manager directly to place an order or future possibilities. We will use the portal to inform all our distributors about new (product) developments. To summarize, our Trade Zone will offer an exciting, dynamic environment that will support your business and customers.

Which functionalities are available?

In our Beaphar Trade Zone, you will be able to find nearly everything that will help you promote our products in your market. Functionalities that will help us with doing so, include:

High-quality product images

Since we have over a 1,000 products to offer to the consumer, we have developed a form that you can easily fill out, requesting the high resolution images you need. This form will be sent to the appropriate member of the Export Team, who will contact you to send all these images. This way, you will not have to spend time looking through a library or folder to find the images you need. On top of that, you will always have the most up-to-date version of the product packaging. 

Additional product information

We understand that as a distributor, you need extensive information about products in order to sell them to your retailers, and for them to sell them to the end-user. Therefore, we will make all our Product- and Safety Datasheets available to you to download. This way, you will no longer have to contact a specific person to send these to you. Whenever you are in need of additional information about these products, you will be able to download them and read through them without having to rely on someone else to send them to you. 

Marketing materials

With all our distributors choosing their own product assortment, it can be difficult to coordinate marketing campaigns. However, we have many materials available that we can easily customize to match your markets' needs. We have published all materials on the Trade Zone. You can see a preview on the page and if you are interested, you can download these high resolution files. If you wish to customize them, you can contact the marketing team; if you wish to leave them in English, you can go ahead and print them already, as these materials are all print-ready and in high resolution.

Contact your Export Manager

Through the Trade Zone, you will be able to find all contact details to find all contact details to the members of the Export Department. If you are not sure who to contact, you can simply view the team and contact them via the Trade Zone. 

"What should I do now?"

Simply start by filling out the registration form. We will be notified that you have registered and will check if your registration is correct. If you are currently one of our distributors, we will release your account right away, after which you will be able to use all functionalities.
If you are not one of our distributors yet, we will contact you to provide us with some additional information concerning your registration. When this is all correct, we will release your account. 

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