13 Jun 2016

Record-breaking Interzoo

A few weeks have passed since the largest trade fair in the animal industry. Two years of preparations and then the time has come to shine and show both customers and prospects everything that beaphar has to offer them. With the record number of visitors this year, we had plenty of people to tell about our new ranges and other developments within the company. 

Restyled/New ranges that were introduced

Interzoo is the perfect moment to show the complete assortment of products. As some of you might be aware, we have over a 1,000 different products in various language versions and sizes. Some of these ranges date back to when beaphar was just founded, while others have been developed later on to meet specific needs. However, every product range is in need of a restyle every few years. This is similar to buying new clothes; trends change and you want to make sure you look as good as you possibly can. This works the same for our products. To make sure they stay up-to-date and appealing, we have a range-wide restyle every few years. 
This is a long and lengthy process. Sometimes the restyled range looks nothing like it looked before, but other times the changes are smaller, staying close to the core identity of the product.

This year we introduced the following restyled/new ranges: 
  • Vitamins
  • Dental
  • Cleaning
  • Joint
  • Calming

The process of launching a new ranges is generally one that takes up a lot of time. Initially, the idea has to be approved by all board members. As soon as this has been done, the official process starts. Our research and development will start developing the products and see which compositions would be best suited. This whole process includes registrations, testing and monitoring results. Once the final product range has been put together, the next step is to start developing a good packaging that clearly brings accross the message of the product. An example of this is our calming range. These packagings have been developed in the purple coloring, because this color is often affiliated with Lavender, which is known for its calming characteristics. 

The rest of the campaign focuses on fireworks and parties, which are often a source of stress for our pets. The calming range will help get rid off these problems and help owners calm their pets during any stressful situation.

Record number of visitors

During the 4-day event, more than 39,000 visitors came to Interzoo. Naturally, there were quite some visitors from Germany. However, numbers show that the majority of visitors was from other European countries. We saw this on our stand as well, with many visitors from all over the world coming by to see our extensive product range. We split up our stand into 7 areas, dividing it into country-specific zones. Since our German sales office has a very specific range, they had their own products displayed here. 
interzoo stand beaphar

The other countries shared our extensive product range, which was displayed around our two "home bases", which were our information desk and the coffee counter. This year we had a barista that supplied all our visitors with delicious, fresh-made coffee. Because of our social media posts, many visitors that used #Interzoo, saw our pictures of the coffees and paid a visit to our stand.

What happens now?

Even though Interzoo did not start until Thursday, our team had already been there on Sunday to start building up. Additionally we stayed until Monday to clean everything up and make sure all our products came back to our headquarters in Raalte. Now that we are all back safely, we have to start following up all our leads and conversations from the fair. 

This means that we will be contacting everyone that we spoke with at the trade fair. Some of these people will already be our customers, so with them we will have to review what we have agreed upon and how we are going to realize that. For new customers, this means that we will have to introduce them to our product range and decide on which ranges to introduce first. This depends on their competitors' product range, but also on what their governments allow. As you can imagine, this is a lengthy process, that takes a lot of researching from several departments.

Additionally, our organizers will have to make sure that all administrative tasks are handled and that all communication with the Interzoo organization is being followed up. This includes evaluation of the visitors, other exhibitors, and the fair in general. After all the afterwork has been completed, preparations will already start for Interzoo 2018. This sounds far away, but with everything that has to be arranged, this is absolutely necessary. 

Safe to say that we will have a lot of work after Interzoo.

What about you? Did you visit Interzoo? And if you did, what did you think of our stand? Let us know via our social media channels. We would love to hear from you!

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