06 Apr 2016

Beaphar to attend Interzoo

With Interzoo coming up at the end of May, preparations are well underway. We would like to use this article to inform you about our processes and attendance at the fair.

The fair held once every two years, is only a little over a month away. This means that all processes are currently being carried out. 
With Interzoo, we have assigned product and project managers that ensure all preparations are made and that the fair will run smoothly. 

The product managers make sure that all products are ordered and delivered in time, so that the entire stand is filled with our product range. Additionally, they arrange all marketing support for the fair. This goes in close cooperation with our Graphics & Design team, who make these marketing support products and ensure that this is sent to the right printing office and is printed in time.

The project manager is responsible for everything else having to do with Interzoo. She arranges for all the various materials of our stand to be labeled and assures that the quality level is maintained. On top of that, she also coordinates the transports to the trade fair, to make sure that all the products ordered by the product managers actually make it to the fair in time. 
After that, it is of course essential to build the stand. The project manager even helps with that! As soon as that has been done, the fun can begin.

Be sure to visit us at Interzoo! 

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