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  • Q
    Can I still use your Anti-Parasite Spot On when my guinea pig is pregnant?
  • A
    No, you should not treat pregnant guinea pigs or rabbits with the Spot On. We recommend you only treat pregnant animals under veterinary supervision.
  • Q
    How can I tell the difference between mange and ringworm?
  • A
    This can be very difficult to tell. In mange, the hairs usually break off at the base, whereas in ringworm, they often break off part way down the shaft...
  • Q
    What can I do to protect my rabbit against myxomatosis?
  • A
    Myxomatosis is the deadliest disease for rabbits during spring seasons. Generally the rabbits get infected by flies that carry eggs. The larvae that hatch from these eggs can kill your rabbit. Fly Guard or Fly Free are good solutions to the issue...
  • Q
    Can my rabbit catch fleas from my cat?
  • A
    Yes, rabbits can catch fleas from your cat! Make sure you have treated your rabbits with an anti-parasite spot on suitable for rabbits, as well at treating your cat with an appropriate flea treatment.
  • Q
    Can I use your Anti-parasite spot on on my chinchilla?
  • A
    We would not recommend this. Firstly, a chinchilla has very fine, very dense fur. This is likely to become matted if a spot on treatment is applied...

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