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Questions about Small Animals Health

  • Q
    My rabbit keeps gnawing on its cage. Can I use anti-gnawing to stop this?
  • A
    The product Anti-Gnawing has been tested for dogs. Therefore, we cannot recommend to use it on rabbits, as we do not know how rabbits will respond to the product. Gnawing is part of a rabbit's natural instict...
  • Q
    What can I do to keep my hamster energized during the winter?
  • A
    Many animals have an instinct telling them when it's time to go into hibernation. Hamsters also tend to hibernate when it gets colder, although this does not apply to all hamsters; generally only when it gets colder than 10℃...
  • Q
    How can I ensure my guinea pig gets enough vitamin C?
  • A
    Just like us, Guinea Pigs do not make vitamin C by themselves. Therefore, they need some help in getting this vitamin. As a result, Beaphar developed several products suitable to give to your guinea pig...

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