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Questions about Dogs Gentle Leader

  • Q
    Can I use an extendable lead with my Gentle Leader?
  • A
    If you are used to using an extendable lead with your dog and are comfortable controlling it, this should be fine...
  • Q
    How does the Gentle Leader work?
  • A
    The nose loop goes around the dog’s nose & jaw and acts in the same way as a pack-leader’s mouth – this is a clear signal to the dog that you are the leader...
  • Q
    What size Gentle Leader does my dog need?
  • A
    To ensure you purchase the correct size, it is recommended to take your dog to a local pet shop and try the gentle leader on, so that you can get the correct size...
  • Q
    What are the benefits of using a Gentle Leader for my dog?
  • A
    First and foremost Gentle Leader® stops your dog pulling on the lead. Through its calming effect Gentle Leader® can help shy, nervous or fearful dogs to relax and gain greater confidence...

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