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  • Why do flea bites itch?
  • When a flea takes a blood meal from you, it first injects an anti-coagulant (to stop the blood clotting in its mouthparts) & local anaesthetic (so you don't know it's biting you until it has finished and moved on) into you via its saliva. This results in localized inflamation of the area directly around the bite site when your body recognizes a foreign substance and mounts a defense against it.  The strength of this reaction varies from person to person. Often, flea bites appear in small groups or lines and can cause painful itchy red lumps which may become sore or infected if scratched or picked. Bites are best left alone and will ease in time, however some topical treatments for insect bites may offer some relief until they disappear. If you have a severe reaction to a bite, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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