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Questions about Dogs Fleas

  • My dog/ cat is scratching itself, does this mean it has fleas?
  • Your dog / cat may have fleas, but often dogs and cats scratch as part of their normal grooming routine. If you feel that they are scratching more than usual, or they are developing sore areas, then it might well be a flea infestation so is worth investigating further. A flea comb may highlight the presence of fleas or their eggs, but a good way to tell if fleas are still eluding you is to stand your pet on damp kitchen towls and comb the coat through. If small dark specks drop out of the coat, producing red "halos" on the damp paper, fleas have been at work. The dark specks are flea "dirt" or faeces. As fleas feed on blood, their droppings also contain a good proportion of undigested blood, which dissolves on the damp paper to form the red rings. If fleas do not seem to be causing the problem, the scratching may be indicative of other problems, such as ear mites, mange, or other skin conditions.  If in doubt always consult your vet.

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