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Questions about Cats Worms

  • Q
    My cat has been sick after worming - what should I do?
  • A
    Sometimes cats are sick after taking tablets or medication. Like humans, some animals have sensitivities to medications which are not evident until they take them for the first time...
  • Q
    Does my cat have worms?
  • A
    Most cats become infected with worms soon after birth, and they encounter new sources of infection every time they go out and about, so the answer is probably "yes"...
  • Q
    How can I tell if my cat has worms?
  • A
    In adult cats, symptoms are rarely seen, except for an occasional adult worm in faeces or vomit...
  • Q
    How often should I worm my cat?
  • A
    Adult cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age should be wormed at 3 monthly intervals...

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