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  • The Lactol I bought, features a puppy on the packaging - Can I still use this for my kittens?
  • The Lactol composition, which has been used to raise countless puppies and kittens over the years, has not changed. Therefore, it is fine for you to feed this to your kittens. However, the most recent research on kitten nutrition highlighted that we could provide a new formula that is even better suited for rearing kittens; with their particular needs and requiremenets, and so we have launched a new product called Kitty Milk. This has a higher protein content than Lactol, has higher levels of vitamin A (cats cannot convert carotene to vitamin A) and contains taurine, an essential nutrient for cats. We would recommend Kitty Milk as the premium product for rearing kittens, but Lactol will also do a very good job. 

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