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  • Can I wash my cat?
  • Most cats aren't very fond of water. However, when starting earlier on and taking time to let your cat get used to it, a bathing routine can be established for cats too. If you have established such a routine, our Beaphar Cat Shampoos are excellent to help you take care of your cat's fur. We have specially-developed shampoos for short- and longhaired cats that will nourish their coat and take care of the skin beneath the fur. 
    If you have trouble getting your cat used to being bathed, there are alternatives too. We offer several Dry Shampoo Sprays that will allow you to clean your cat without needing water. Additionally, our Grooming Powder can be a solution. The powder simply has to be spread across the fur and can be dried off after a few minutes. Easy to use and no water needed!

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