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Questions about Cats Calming & Behavior

  • Q
    How long do Beaphar Calming products take to work?
  • A
    Beaphar Calming Spot Ons start to work within 1 hour. The Beaphar Calming Tablets start to work within 1.5 hours.
  • Q
    Can I use the Calming Spot On at the same time as a Flea Spot On?
  • A
    Yes, but make sure they are applied in different places. Most flea spot ons recommend application between the animal's shoulder blades. The Calming Spot on should be applied on the back of the head.
  • Q
    Is there any danger to my pets if they ingest the Calming Spot On due to cross-grooming?
  • A
    No, the product is completely safe.
  • Q
    My cat is anxious. How can I calm her?
  • A
    Just like us, our cats can suffer from fear, nervousness, and anxiety. Stressful situations can result in problem behavior and unnecessary upset for your cat. Beaphar has developed a range of products to effectively help calm your cats...

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