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    My parrots eat CARE+, but there is always a layer of powder at the bottom. What is this and what I can do to prevent it?
  • A
    If there is a lot of powder left after the birds have eaten their meal, you could start feeding them less; it's likely that the birds think it is too much food and simply start playing with it...
  • Q
    Should I feed grit to my birds?
  • A
    Feeding grit to birds is recommended because it helps birds absorb minerals such as salt and calcium. Additionally, it helps them to maintain a good digestive system.
  • Q
    What is the benefit of feeding pellets to my bird?
  • A
    There are many different foods on the market. Determining which one is right for your bird is a process of trial and error. However, with regular bird feeds, birds tend to feed selectively. Pellets eliminate this risk...

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