Beaphar CatComfort® 30 Day Refill

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Beaphar CatComfort® uses pheromones, which are clinically proven in cats to promote feelings of reassurance, and reduces general anxiety caused by everyday stresses around the home in. 48ml refill lasts 30 days with continual use.
Beaphar  CatComfort® is a simple and effective solution to reducing problem behaviour in cats, such as inappropriate scratching and urination, or general feelings of anxiety. The easy to use refill is only suitable for use with Beaphar CatComfort® Calming Diffuser.
Beaphar CatComfort® contains a copy of the naturally produced cat facial pheromone, which gives a continuous and reassuring message to let cats know that this a safe area for them to be in. Each refill is effective for up to 30days.



• Use the diffuser in the room your cat spends most of their time
• Use continuously, do not switch off when leaving the house
• Replace the refill reservoir with a new Beaphar CatComfort® Refill after 30 days, or when empty
• Replace the plug-in diffuser every six months, to ensure optimal performance
• Effective in an area up to 70m²
• Use with a 230V plug socket only


• Do not use with a multi-socket, extension cord, an adaptor or a converter
• Do not use a different diffuser brand with the Beaphar CatComfort® Refill reservoir
• Do not use near open windows/doors or drafts as this will reduce how well the diffuser works


Storage/Disposal: Store in a cool, well ventilated safe place, until ready to use. Protect from sunlight. Dispose of empty refill and packaging in the household rubbish.
Warnings:  May be fatal if swallowed. In cases of oral ingestion, contact poisons centre immediately. Do not induce vomiting and seek medical advice. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces - no smoking. Do not use near a naked flame or any incandescent material. Do not inhale. Avoid contact with eyes. Should accidental eye contact occur, rinse immediately with clean, fresh water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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  • QDo I need to change the Beaphar CatComfort® 30 Day Refill even though the liquid has not completely run out?
  • A At the end of the 30 day period, a small amount of liquid that is not in contact with the wick may remain at the base of the bottle. This liquid cannot reach the electric diffuser and the diffusion process is interrupted. If for any reason the diffuser has not been used continuously for 30 days and a significant volume of liquid remains, you can continue using the refill until it requires changing.
  • QDo Beaphar CatComfort® 30 Day Refills fit other plug-in diffuser systems?
  • A No. The Beaphar CatComfort® 30 Day Refill should NEVER be used with another plug-in device nor should the Beaphar CatComfort® plug-in device be used with a different kind of refill. This is clearly stated on the product box. Doing so could cause a fire.
  • QWill Beaphar CatComfort® have any effect on other pets?
  • A Beaphar CatComfort® contains a synthetic copy of the Feline Facial Pheromone which is specific to cats and will not affect other species.
  • QCan multiple pheromone products for different species be used in the same room?
  • A Pheromones are specific each target species, meaning cats can’t interpret canine pheromones and dogs can’t interpret feline pheromones. Each species will be able to identify the relevant pheromones with no interaction from the other product.
  • QCan the Beaphar CatComfort® 30 Day Refill reservoirs be recycled?
  • A Yes. Beaphar CatComfort® 30 Day Refills are made from recyclable plastics (PET).
  • QWhat should I do if my cat’s behavioural problem is not solved after one month?
  • A There are several possible reasons that your cat's behaviour may not have improved after one month of using the product.
    • If the organ that identifies pheromones (Jacobson's organ, also called vomeronasal organ) is inflamed, your cat may temporarily be unable to identify pheromones.
    • It is also possible that your cat's behaviour is not related to stress. Lack of appetite and aggression, for example, may be symptoms of physiological or organic diseases. If in doubt, consult a vet.
    • Make sure your cat really has the ability to change their behaviour. For example, urination in inappropriate places may be due to poor placement of the litter box, lack of litter boxes (relative to the number of cats), or dirty litter.
    • Similarly, to avoid scratching at inappropriate places, it is imperative to provide a scratching post, in a place exposed to the view of all (your cat wants to leave a message of territorial marking to others).

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