Beaphar Flea Collar for Cats

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Slowly releases an insecticide that kills fleas and prevents their return for up to four months. This collar is waterproof and comes in a range of colours. Suitable for cats from 6 months of age. UK authorised veterinary medicine.
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The Beaphar Flea Collar for Cats contains an insecticide that kills fleas on your cat and prevents their return for up to four months. This collar is waterproof, and has been specially designed to stretch if your cat gets it caught while out and about, enabling your cat to slip its head out. The collar can also be adjusted to fit any cat.

The Beaphar Flea Collar for Cats comes in a variety of colours, including red, blue or black, and is complete with a removable silver bell.

Suitable for cats from 6 months of age.

95% of the flea’s life cycle is in the home. When tackling a flea problem, in addition to treating your pet, always use a household insecticide, such as Beaphar FLEAtec Household Flea Spray or Beaphar Extra Long Lasting Household Flea Fogger for your home.

Do not remove the collar from the pack until you are ready to use the product.

1. Fasten the collar around your cat’s neck (coloured side facing outwards) leaving enough room to insert two fingers between the collar and neck. Do not fit too tightly to prevent irritation, but do not fit too loosely or your cat may be able to get a foot or tooth under the collar and become caught up attempting to remove it.
2. Cut off any collar sticking out beyond the buckle. Wrap this cut-off in a bag and throw it in your dustbin. Keep the empty blister card for reference until the collar is thrown away.
3. Remember to periodically check and loosen the collar if fitted to a growing cat.

For continuous protection, fit a new Beaphar Flea Collar for Cats every four months.

Store below 25°C. Store in the original packaging until ready to use. Keep away from food and drink, including animal feeding stuffs. Dispose of excess collar length, the used collar and empty packaging in the household rubbish.

Do not use on cats under 6 months of age. Do not use on sick or convalescent animals. Do not use on pregnant or lactating queens. Never allow any animal to chew the collar. If skin irritation does occur, remove the collar immediately and seek veterinary advice. If you feel unwell after handling the collar, you should seek medical advice. Do not use if you are under medical advice to avoid organophosphates or anticholinesterases. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the treated collar. Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling the collar. Do not allow children to play with the collar or to chew or suck on it. A pet wearing a flea collar should not sleep in bed with people, particularly children. Extremely dangerous to aquatic life. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with product or empty packaging. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For animal treatment only.
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  • Do flea collars stop working if cats go out in the rain?
  • No, flea collars should still remain effective if pets get wet. The active ingredient is bound within the substance of the collar and, under normal weather conditions, should not be affected.
  • Can a cat wear one of these flea collars all of the time?
  • Beaphar flea collars for cats are designed to be worn all the time, with a few exceptions: Cats under 12 weeks old (soft collars/6 months old (plastic collars), nursing or pregnant cats, and those treated with other insecticides should not wear a flea collar. If a spot-on, or other insecticidal treatment, has been used, may be possible to put the flea collar back on after a period of 7 days, but do check the spot-on label first. If the cat develops any signs of skin irritation, or signs of drowsiness, listlessness, or respiratory difficulties soon after fitting the collar, take it off immediately.
  • How do flea collars work?
  • Flea collars work by slowly releasing the active ingredient, which has been impregnated into the collar material, over a long period of time. The active ingredient then slowly spreads around the body surface of the pet in the natural oils of the skin and coat. Fleas that come into contact with the active ingredient are killed.
  • How long does it take for flea collars to work?
  • The flea collar will become effective from the moment it is fitted to the pet. It will begin to kill fleas immediately, however it may take several days for the active ingredient to spread throughout the whole coat. Once fitted, the collars are designed to prevent fleas for up to 4 months. The perception of how well the collar is working will depend upon the level of flea infestation in the household. Fleas spend most of their life-cycle not on the pet, but in the home environment. If this source of reinfestation is not effectively treated, newly-hatched fleas will still bite family members and will reinfect the animal. Customers will need to use a good household flea spray, such as Beaphar Defest or Beaphar Extra Long Lasting Household Flea Spray, to treat carpets and soft furnishings in all rooms that the pet has access too.

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