What are the flea symptoms for dogs

A list of the most common signs of a fleas infestation for pet dogs, how to spot them and what to do.

What are the flea symptoms for dogs

As is the case with many other problems, the sooner you discover a flea problem, the easier it is to cure - a well established flea infestation takes a lot longer to get rid of compared to a relatively new infestation.

What are the symptoms of a flea infestation?

1. Scratching and biting
If your pet dog is scratching more than usual and occasionally biting?
If so then your dog may have fleas. Make sure to keep an eye your dog's behaviour as it could indicate a flea problem.

2. You can see dark spots in the fur
These are the feces of the fleas. If you run a fine comb through the dog's fur you might find a few black spots. This is an indication your dog may have fleas.

3. Irritable and behaving differently  
Your dog may become nervous and annoyed.
They may seem grumpy and down.

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How to check your dog?

Four areas to check to see if your dog has fleas.

  1. Groin
  2. Armpit
  3. Neck
  4. Behind the Ear
    Areas to check on a dog for fleas

The groin and armpits are areas of the dogs which get warm and sweaty which are perfect conditions for fleas.
To inspect this area turn your dog on their back and keep them relaxed.

The neck and ears often have more visible signs of flea with red bumps and it is wear the dog has been scratching. Take note of any areas which look like there is some hair loss. This can be a sign the dog has been scratching there. Use a flea comb to run through your dog's fur, along the back and legs making sure you get close to the skin so you can pull some of the fleas off your dog.

Another tip is to comb them while they are on a white towel or some paper so you can see the black fleas. To distinguish between fleas and dirt add water to the paper or towel if the specs turns red then they are fleas.

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