Guinness World Record Holding Pets

Are you and your pet keen to join the #JointResolution, but lacking the motivation to get out and get active? We’ve found some Guinness World Record* holding pets that are sure to inspire you.

Most balls caught by a dog with paws in one minute

Purin, a 9 year old beagle from Japan, set this record on 22 March 2015 by catching 14 balls.

Most tricks performed by a dog in one minute

Smurf and Sarah Humphreys from the UK performed 32 tricks on 7 August 2015. Smurf’s tricks included walking backwards on his paws, bowing, rolling over, limping and begging.

Most tricks performed by a cat in one minute

The cats are also giving it a go, with Didga the cat completing 24 tricks in one minute on 5 February 2016. Didga’s tricks included rolling over and jumping over a bar while on a skateboard!

Fastest 10 metres on a walking globe by a dog

Sailor from the USA set the world record for this event on 5 February 2016, completing the challenge in 33.22 seconds.

Fastest 10 metres run by a guinea pig

The aptly named Flash is the holder of this world record, having taken just 8.81 seconds to run 10 metres on 27 July 2009 in London, UK.

Fastest time for a dog to retrieve a person from water over a distance of 25 metres

Jack the Black vom Muchland and handler Hans-Joachim Brueckmann completed this record in 1 minute 36.812 seconds, at Kaarster See Lake, Germany, on 11 June 2013.

Fastest crossing of a tightrope by a dog

Ozzy, a Border Collie Kelpie cross, set this record in the UK on 1 February 2013 with a time of 18.22 seconds.

Highest jump by a rabbit

This record has remained unbeaten since 28 June 1997, and is held by rabbit Mimrelunds Tösen. 

Longest jump by a cat

10 year old Waffle the Warrior Cat is the holder of this world record, having completed a jump of 213.36 cm (7 ft) on 30 January 2018 in Big Sur, California, USA.

Longest jump by a rabbit

Yabo the rabbit jumped a huge 3 m (9 ft 9.6 in) on 12 June 1999 in Horsens, Denmark.

Longest jump by a guinea pig

Truffles the guinea pig has managed to beat his own record in this field not once but twice! Truffles gained the with  record first with 30cm on 21 February 2012, beating it on 30 March with 40cm, before setting his best record on 06 April 2012 with 48cm.

Most dogs skipping on the same rope

The Super Wan Wan Circus in Japan managed to get 14 dogs to skip 16 times on the same rope on 17 January 2013.

Most skips by a dog in one minute

With a massive 91 skips, two year old Border Collie and Kelpie cross Geronimo from the USA holds this record, which has remained unbeaten since 13 May 2012.

Most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit

On 31 October 2016, 4 year old Bini the Bunny gained this world record title by completing 7 slam dunks in one minute.

*Information from , and is correct as of January 2020.

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