21 Aug 2019

Beaphar UK Team celebrates 25th anniversary

The 1st August was a day of celebration, as Beaphar celebrated 25 years of business in the UK.

Co-workers from up and down the country came together to celebrate in the historic city of Cambridge, while Beaphar CEO, Henk Aa, travelled across from Head Office in the Netherlands for the occasion. The festivities including a guided tour of the colleges, a punting trip and a private dinner in the Wordsworth Room of St John’s College.

While the day was a celebration of every individual’s hard work and dedication to the company, for two members of the Beaphar Team it was an extremely special day.

August 1st also marked 25 years of service for Beaphar UK’s Business Manager, Dr Sue Huggett, and Customer Services Manager, Carol Player.

Carol was surprised with a beautiful bunch of flowers at the office, and during the evening was surprised once again with a commemorative book filled with photos from her time at Beaphar.

To conclude the evening, Roland Huggett, UK Sales Manager, had a surprise for the rest of the team. He had two beautiful photo books created which documented Beaphar UK’s entire 25 year history.

But there are still some other important people that Beaphar UK would like to thank.

Dr Sue Huggett said, “Beaphar’s success in the UK is not only thanks to the combined effort of our Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Production, IT and Accounts teams. It is also down to our customers. Without the support of our retailers we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“We’d like to thank you for your support for the past 25 years, and look forward to continuing to strengthen these relationships for many more years to come.”

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