31 Aug 2016

NEW! WORMclear for cats and dogs.

Beaphar WORMclear range for cats and dogs

Vet strength wormers from your local pet shop!

Gone are the days when you had to make a trip to the vets to buy an effective wormer for your cat or dog. We are delighted to introduce a new vet strength wormer called WORMclear® that kills all common roundworms and tapeworms in one simple dose and it is available from your local pet shop. WORMclear® contains active ingredients which are of proven effectiveness and popularity in the veterinary channel, and Beaphar are pleased to make such an effective one dose wormer readily available to pet owners.

WORMclear® for Cats

Beaphar WORMclear® for Cats kills all common types of roundworms and tapeworms, with one tablet, on one day – which is much easier for pet owners to use than traditional, multi-tablet treatments. Tablets are a delicious meaty flavour, which makes WORMclear® extremely palatable and takes the stress away from both the pet owner and the cat when it’s time for their treatment. It can be given to cats as young as 6 weeks old, provided they weigh over 1kg.

WORMclear® for Dogs
Two sizes of WORMclear® for Dogs complete the vet strength worm control range: Small Dog - up to 20kg and Large Dog - up to 40kg. A wide spectrum wormer that has the advantage of easier administration than the established “one dose” wormers, since the liver-flavoured tablets are enthusiastically consumed by dogs and can be given at any time of day with no need for fasting or splitting meals, it can be given to dogs over the age of two weeks and weighing over 3kg.

Why you must worm your pets regularly...

We all know that cats and dogs should be wormed regularly, but why do we need to when they show no sign of worms? 70% of 700 cat owners asked by Beaphar say that their cat has never had worms (yourcat.co.uk – Beaphar Worming Survey 2016). It is wrong to assume that your pet is worm free just because it doesn’t show any symptoms – some pets don’t show any signs at all, making the need for an effective and regular worming routine a necessity!

Worm eggs exist everywhere in the environment which can be picked up on your cat or dog’s nose and paws very easily when out on an adventure or a daily walk. Once swallowed, the worm life cycle begins. It can create havoc with your pet’s health, and in some cases it can be fatal. Kittens and puppies are particularly at risk. Worms can also pose a health risk to humans so being aware of this, and worming every 3 months will help to keep the number of worm eggs in the environment down, keeping your pet and family protected.

Be ‘Worry free with WORMclear®’, available from all good pet stores and online retailers.

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