14 Aug 2016

Beaphar sponsors exotic birds at Linton Zoo

Beaphar at Linton ZooOver the years, Beaphar products have been widely used throughout Britain’s Zoos, keeping rare and exotic species healthy and happy. At Linton Zoo they have been purchasing Beaphar products for over 10 years.

Linton Zoo is based in Cambridge and was established in 1972 as a centre for breeding wildlife which is still the Zoo's main objective today along with conservation. It is home to around 250 animals from nearly 100 different species.

This year, Beaphar are delighted to be sponsoring Linton Zoo’s exotic birds; Channel Billed Toucans, Trumpeter Hornbills and White-cheeked Turacos. Beaphar have sponsored a year’s supply of Beaphar Universal Food which is a complete food suitable for Toucans, Turacos and Hornbills. The sponsorship was set up through Linton Zoo’s Species Support Scheme.

The Species Support Scheme enables you to contribute directly to the conservation of a species. By contributing towards the yearly cost of food for a particular species, it enables Linton Zoo to use the extra finance that comes through the gate for future developments and to enhance the breeding programmes along with maintaining high standards.

‘We are thrilled to be sponsoring Linton Zoo’s exotic birds. Some of these are classed as vulnerable species and so it is important to us to seek opportunities where we can, to help make a difference, along with supporting a fantastic local business’, says Roland Huggett, Sales Manager for Beaphar UK who is pictured making friends with Marvina, the White-cheeked Turaco.

More information about Linton Zoo can be found via their website: www.lintonzoo.com

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