30 Jun 2015

Vet Strength Flea & Tick treatment from Beaphar

Beaphar FIPROtec affordable flea and tick treatmentWe are delighted to announce the launch of Beaphar FIPROtec®, our new vet strength spot on medicine to kill fleas and ticks on cats and dogs. It contains the well-known active ingredient Fipronil, and kills fleas and ticks at the time of treatment and continues to prevent repeat infestations for up to 5 weeks.

How does Beaphar FIPROtec kill fleas and ticks?

The active ingredient, fipronil, affects the nervous system of fleas and kills them by inducing hyperactivity. It kills both the fleas and ticks through contact (not via the bloodstream), so it is not necessary for a flea or tick to bite for it to become effective. It is quite common to see 'more' fleas following treatment; this is normal and is in fact the existing fleas becoming more active and trying to escape from the treated area. The fleas often move to the top of the coat in a bid to escape, and so become more visible.

Fipronil has a tendency to concentrate in the sebaceous glands, from where it constantly replenishes the skin's surface. The subaceous glands act as a store, allowing the treatment to stay active for longer, even after swimming, bathing or grooming. 

How to apply Beaphar FIPROtec? 

Beaphar FIPROtec® is simple and easy to apply. Simply snip off the top of the pipette, part the fur between your dog or cat's shoulder blades, place the top of the pipette on the skin and apply the contents of one pipette to the skin surface. Apply half the pipette between the shoulder blades and half at the base of the head. For continuous flea protection, re-apply the product once every 4 weeks, but not more often.
As a fully licenced medicine, Beaphar FIPROtec® is safe, effective and reassuringly affordable.

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For more information about FIPROtec® please call our Award winning UK Customer Care Team on 0333 0066236.

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