30 Sep 2014

Beaphar Kidney Support Treats for cats wins award

Beaphar is celebrating having won the prestigious ‘Cat Product’ award for Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treats at PATS Harrogate this weekend.

Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treats have been specifically developed for cats prone to kidney disease, many cats of which are on a restrictive diet. The right diet is essential for cats with chronic kidney disease since incorrect nutrition will produce more waste products and will put additional strain on the already weakened kidneys. 

Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treats for cats wins award

Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treats are formulated with a suitable level of high quality protein and a limited level of phosphorus to prevent build up in the blood.

Due to excess urination in cats suffering kidney disease, many B vitamins are excreted before they can be utilised by the body. To compensate, Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treats are also enriched with additional B vitamins to provide cats with the necessary nutrition they need.

Competition was stiff this year with a record number of entries in the ‘New Product Showcase’. Product assessment was based on product innovation, design, quality, packaging and value for money. Judges commented ‘this entry stood out because the judges hadn’t seen a product like this on the market before. It meets the customers’ needs, has a long shelf life and is well priced at £1.50.’

Amy Laura Hepworth, Marketing Manager at Beaphar UK comments ‘Our ‘passion for pets’ results in innovative, genuine products for which there is a real demand and a place in cat owners' cupboards. This award is testament to the effort that goes in behind the scenes at Beaphar, and our commitment to pets and their owners.’

For more information about the award winning Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treats for cats, product range or call our Customer Care Team on 0333 00 66 236.

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