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Because Pets Are Family Too

We stand for family, accessibility, quality and care. These values are the three cornerstones of Beaphar, and the very essence of our company. 

Family Focus

As a family-run company, we understand its importance and that our pets are a significant part of this family unit. We cherish the emotional bond between pet and owner, believing it improves our quality of life, so everything Beaphar do ensures our pets are given the very best care and quality of life in return. 

 We research, innovate and create products that support the health and well-being of every pet. We constantly collaborate, both with our co-workers and with external organisations, and share our collective knowledge and expertise. All so we can help more families enjoy a healthy, happy bond with their pets.


We remain focused on ensuring our products are within easy reach without compromising on quality. We are committed to providing first-class service and producing great products that are affordable for all pets and their families. Our products are widely available, whether that be from a high street shop or an online retailer. 

Our team are available to help where we can, via phone, email or social media. Whether you have a question or a problem, please get touch so we can work together to find a resolution.  

Quality & Care – in all we do

Because we care for pets like we care for family, we place product safety and effectiveness, combined with sustainability, at the heart of everything we do across Beaphar, worldwide. We use quality ingredients and strictly controlled production processes so you can buy Beaphar products with confidence. And if you ever have a problem with one of our products, we want to know. 

We are dedicated to delivering on our promise to provide the best health, care and nutritional products for your pets, and to exceed expectations, each and every time.

It is the desire of our employees - 90% of whom are pet-owners – to develop new products and improve existing ones. 

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Our Family History

"Because we care for pets like we care for family, we go all the way to make reliable quality in pet healthcare easily available to you, so that you and your family can enjoy the bond with your pets to the fullest."

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