Simon's and Henry's Story

Simon and Henry

While on his rounds one morning, a milkman saw a young husky on Great Yarmouth beach. It was early morning, and although the milkman couldn’t see an owner, he wasn’t too worried. Not until his round the next day, when again he saw the husky on the beach but no sign of the owner, and called the local rescue centre.

Severely underweight, with no tag, collar or microchip, and estimated to be only 5 months old, the centre took him in and named him ‘Henry’, and began the process of finding his new home.

My wife had always wanted a dog. My children, James and Sophie, were 12 and 14 at the time, and Simon thought if they were going to get a dog it should be soon. After some googling and a few phone calls, the Wilkinson family drove 150 miles to meet Henry for the first time. After watching him play with their children (and a swift one in the local pub with two rescue centre volunteers!), Henry had a new home with the Wilkinson family.

Henry’s first walk with his new family took place on the banks of a river on The Broads, with Sophie and James walking him along the tow path, his tail wagging non-stop. Henry quickly realised his new home would be a happy one, but he couldn’t have imagined the turn his life would take in the years to come, because Henry is a well-known Beaphar star.

In fact, you’ve probably seen him.

While I may have put my dreams of fame and stardom behind me - although both him and Henry have featured together on Beaphar marketing material - Henry has excelled, and built himself quite the modelling portfolio.  

That handsome husky on your bottle of Beaphar Tea-Tree Shampoo? That’s Henry.

The dashing dog on Beaphar Vermicon Line-On Medium/Large Dog? That’s Henry too.

But what does every super-star always need? A family to keep him grounded (and the Wilkinson’s chickens have great fun bossing him about too!).

Henry is loved all-round and a definite star in the Beaphar UK office, but at home he is just Henry.

He loves to go on family caravan holidays, but is still a little wary of the sea. Unsurprisingly, he loves snow, and quickly learnt that instead of stopping for a quick drink, he could just pick up snow in his mouth and keep on running.

And even though Henry, Sophie and James are all a little older and don’t all live together anymore, their bond is still strong. Today, Henry is more likely to be found sitting quietly with me and my wife in the evenings, as the three relax after a busy day. But when Sophie and James come home, Henry’s eyes light up and he’s thrilled to see his best friends. On these occasions the whole family love nothing more than going out for a long walk, just as they did on the river bank on Henry’s first day as a fully-fledge member of the Wilkinson family.

Henry not only found a new home, he got a family.

Henry not only found a new home, he got a family.

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